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  Collection 2017 Student Citizenship Awards Application

Please read and follow all instructions contained in the application form...

Olstead, Jodi 03/06/17 1
  Collection 2018 Student Citizenship Awards Application Regier, Mark 01/08/18 1
  Collection Advocacy Matters

Incoming and outgoing advocacy-related correspondence

Ollero, Glenda 01/07/14 24
  Collection Anaphylaxis

BC Ministry of Education Core Anaphylaxis Resources

Ristic, Sanja 12/18/13 21
  Collection Back to School Action Plan Ollero, Glenda 07/31/14 1
  Collection BCSTA HUB Regier, Mark 11/21/17 2
  Collection Board/Authority Approved (BAA) Authorized Courses

Board/Authority Authorized Courses are courses offered by School Boards to meet local needs and student interests. They are authorized by boards/authorities according to requirements set by the Ministry of Education. There is no limit to the number of BAA courses a student may use as a part of the 28 elective credits required for graduation.

Gagel, Mike 04/13/16 1
  Collection Branches Ollero, Glenda 07/23/13 1
  Collection Canadian School Boards Association Ollero, Glenda 10/28/13 6
  Collection Core Review Campaign Ollero, Glenda 12/03/13 6
  Collection Diabetes Ristic, Sanja 12/18/13 4
  Collection District Policies

School boards use policies to set goals and objectives to promote student achievement in their communities.

Depretto, Donna 02/25/15 65
  Collection E-Learn

Cost-effective distance learning opportunities for boards and trustees

admin 11/06/14 4
  Collection Elections

Promotional and information materials produced for board of education and provincial elections.

Ollero, Glenda 10/13/10 9
  Collection Exempt Staff Evaluation Ollero, Glenda 02/07/17 10
  Collection Expense Forms

PDF expense form for trustees.

Ollero, Glenda 09/23/10 16
  Collection Good Governance for Boards of Education: Trustee Development Program Ollero, Glenda 04/09/15 4
  Collection Group Life Insurance Ollero, Glenda 02/03/16 3
  Collection Ministry of Education Ollero, Glenda 06/03/16 1
  Collection Presentations

PowerPoint presentations

Ollero, Glenda 09/21/10 8
  Collection Provincial Budget Response Action Plan Ollero, Glenda 03/13/15 4
  Collection School Board Resources

Includes Superintendent Performance Plan Review, School Board Self-Review Manual , Campaign Financing Errors Trustee toolkit and more.

Ollero, Glenda 10/13/10 18
  Collection School Districts Map Ollero, Glenda 05/05/15 1
  Collection Stability for Students Action Plan Ollero, Glenda 02/17/14 1
  Collection Suggested Resources Regier, Mark 03/28/17 5
  Document SD28 - Board Professional Development Workshop Handout Package- June 2015.pdf Ollero, Glenda 06/09/15 15 MB
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